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Message From The Board

As our board advisory is a member of the Malaysian Campervan
Association, they have gained a lot of knowledge and experience
the field of motorhomes with over 80,000 members.
We are currently selling used and new motorhomes which mainly
came from Japan and United Kingdom.
Therefore, we have decided to introduce the
new MAXUS RV motorhomes enthusiast in Malaysia.
Our intention is to sell new fully imported MAXUS RV is due to the
demands from the members of Malaysian Campervan Association.
We received many support and encouragement from the members
which encouraged us to become more confident in the capability of
this brand.
This collaboration will give us an opportunity to
introduce MAXUS RV to new owners.
As MAXUS has been established in Malaysia for such a long time, we
believe that MAXUS Service Centre in Malaysia will provide the best
service for potential buyers of MAXUS RV.
In addition, this also adds the benefit of other’s safety and
convenience as there’s no need to book a hotel for those that are
The RV also comes at an affordable price and
is also offering a 3 years warranty or 60,000km milieage.